you will wait an eternity for that eternity ring!!!

Posted on Mar 19 2010 - 10:27am by Nadia Lawand

Is what a buddy of mine said to his wife while all the men in the room silently agreed! Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend! Some girls really love their diamonds and feel like princesses when they get one. My question is, does everyone get an eternity ring and if so, when is it the right time for one? Another thing the girls mentioned last night was the concept of a push ring instead of a push gift! Are we moving towards a push ring?

When on your next visit to Birks, or the Tiffany web site check out all the beautiful options that are there for you to pick from. For some the $$ may not be a problem but for the rest of us, carefully time the different events so that enough is saved up to buy the next ring!! Hey Babe, so eternity at 5 years? Only 2 more to go for me! Or will the push ring come first?

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