Weekly Dinner Planner

Posted on Apr 20 2010 - 5:48pm by Kevin Peter

Planning your dinner for the week is one action that will save both time, stress and help eliminate that “What’s for dinner” question! There are many things to consider when planning your meals for the week.

Things to consider when planning your meals:

  • Nights where someone is working late
  • Going out to the parents, friends or restaurant for dinner
  • Wild Card Night (one night during the week you order out)
  • Nights when you have time to cook and those you don’t

What we do is each Sunday night we plan our meals for the week. We check what we have in the fridge and freezer and work with that. This way if there is a special meal you want to make you can see right away if you need to head to the grocery store. Most important is having your meal plan accessible. There are many tools you can use to record your meal plan, I find that Google Calendar is the best because you can access it from home or work.

Good luck and Happy Cookin!

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