6 red flags he's not the one!!

Posted on Mar 5 2010 - 12:30am by Nadia Lawand

There is so much I wanna say!! I wanna talk about love, I wanna talk about money, I wanna talk about work, a healthy balanced life but today I’d rather ask you, how do you even know he’s the one!! Before you tie the knot, check out these 6 red flags that could save you a whole lot of trouble ahead. See if your guy is the one for you! (this goes the other way around also : see if SHE is right for you)

  1. You always catch him lying! Not a good idea to stick around… who knows how many of those were directed to you and /or if they were caught
  2. He has no responsibilities, nothing matters, never had anything to be responsible for. RUN.
  3. Money is often the root of arguments so if he’s stingy & cheap, leave. Notice I didn’t say POOR I said stingy. Even the poorest of guys find ways to give from their hearts.
  4. This guy is WAYYYY too attached to his parents. If he is pathologically attached to his family you should watch out.
  5. Stay away from a violent man. Your safety should be your number one! Don’t think he might change after the ring. They usually don’t unless they get professional help.
  6. Has jumped around from one relationship to the next without caring about who he hurt along the way. You don’t want to be the next check mark on anyone’s list.

Love is a crazy ride once your in it! What’s great is that you have power to make it the best ride you’ve ever been on. See you all tomorrow!

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