When it comes to money… yours is mine and mine is yours?

Posted on Feb 28 2010 - 2:03am by Nadia Lawand

Today I decided it was about time to reorganize our financial papers….for the third time in the last 4 months!!  When it comes to bank accounts, credit cards, investments, insurance and mortgage when in a relationship do you combine everything?  Should you combine bank accounts when you are dating?  Engaged?  Married?  Or should it always stay separate?

Right now Jason and I have everything seperate so things can get a little mixed up.  We both have different banking institutions and different ways to organize our accounts.  That being said… we have no idea what is the best way to go about this.

I have taken some great advice from my advisers Mike and Greg… but I get constant advice from Gail Vaz-Oxlade, host of ‘Til Debt Do us Part and author of Debt Free Forever.  Jason and I tape her shows all the time and really take the tips and advice she gives seriously.  She tells you how to live within your means and be debt free!

Now that we have a new financial filing system set up… I’ll keep you posted on the status as we go along. 


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    OMG- I totally hear you. My significant other and I do not have a joint account- YET. Like you we are trying different ways to manage our money in hope that one will stick and work for the both of us. It seems easy when you're the only one you have to think about…but what if your better half doesn't agree. That book sounds really interesting..I'll be getting my hands on it soon 😉 and I'll let give my feedback..thanks Nadia!

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