Prank your spouse!

Posted on Apr 1 2010 - 2:02pm by Nadia Lawand

Hey there boys and girls!!

Today is the day to play a prank on your spouse… When I say prank I mean a real prank… Not just lie and then say haha April fools’. I suggest traps all over the house… OK to be nice 1 or 2 traps.

Whether it is saran wrap under the toilet seat, or a fake roach in a juice! I think pranks are the way to go for April Fools’ Get your spouse before he or she gets you!

I found this blog where they say that if you have kids, April Fools ‘Day is a great way to show your kids that marriage can be fun!

You can also click here for the history of April Fools ‘Day .

How is April 1rst in your household! Do you promise each other not to prank one another?

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