I cheated!!!!

Posted on Mar 9 2010 - 9:04pm by Nadia Lawand

OK folks so I cheated, I cheated and I don’t even feel bad about it… I tried to stay away from the temptation – I’ve stayed away for so long but I broke… I couldn’t help it…. I reached out and grabbed my Tostitos!

After I got married, I’m ashamed to say I kinda stopped taking care of myself. 2 1/2 years later I had gained weight, stopped being active, and just started feeling tired and lazy all the time. 5 months ago I decided there is no way I was gonna continue this way. I want to have energy for my future family and look good for my husband! I looked at what it was that I could cut out to help me get started and I did it! I gave up chips, fast food joints, and big portions. I lost 15 pounds in 5 months and it was a miracle diet that I didn’t have to pay a penny for.

Then I cheated! Should I beat myself up about it? Does my slip-up mean my healthy lifestyle has gone down the drain and I will never be able to recover ?? Dramatic dontcha think! well here is why : I always let myself have a cheat day (because of that I rarely use it)… the reason I’m in a panic is that my cheat day this week ended up lasting 3 days, I haven’t been able to stop.

Now that I’ve confessed this cheat week… I believe I will be able to get back into my game for tomorrow… Oh just one more thing.. I’ll have to try the Kraft dinner Nadia… oh and KEVIN give me some good healthy recipe to bring me back on track for the rest of the week.

That’s how easy it was for me to lose the pounds; no junk, cut down on chips, and smaller portions. Nadia I’m sure you can give us some great tips on exercise that can help keep the weight off and the heart healthy. The important thing is not to give up.

Wait… before you go, I’d love to hear your tricks! Speak soon!

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