For the Guys – Just Cook!!

Posted on May 19 2010 - 11:11am by Kevin Peter
Hey guys, I was trying to think of a recipe to put on here and instead I wanted to tell my story on how I got into cooking, hopefully inspiring some of the men out there to get in the kitchen or on the BBQ and cook!

I had always been the guy on the grill, whenever we had a BBQ, it was my turn to cook but I was cooking the same old stuff…Finally it came to a point that I had to start preparing some of the dinners. Man, that’s when the fear kicked in! I started looking at cookbooks and searching for recipes online and I really wasn’t getting inspired at all. I needed to change my focus, I decided to turn on FoodNetwork Canada.

To my surprise I found a couple of shows that I started to watch each day. Because I was used to the BBQ I started to watch shows targeted to BBQ cooking. So slowly I expanded my BBQ knowledge and techniques. In the summer it’s easy to grill anything everyday. Ok, so i was safe for a couple of months….but then winter rolled around…what to do now? I had never really used the stove or the oven for anything else that heating up leftovers. I decided to try some traditional Greek, Italian and Lebanese dishes, thinking that they would be closer to my heart and that I would have more of an interest in making them. Well it worked. I became very comfortable with indoor cooking. Again always with some help from the FoodNetwork. The shows on there are fantastic and really help you feel comfortable cooking. Guys need to cook too! The kitchen is our friend and not just for getting another beer.

I hope you guys out there turn on the foodnetwork and try out a couple of simple dishes. Cooking now has become an important part of my life and what is exciting is when we do have poeple coming over for a meal, they are excited to see what we have planned. I hope this has helped a few and if you have any comments on how you got into cooking please let us know!

Kevin P.

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