Bathroom private time!

Posted on Mar 29 2010 - 11:12am by Nadia Lawand

Hello fellow couples!!

How many of you loooovveee your private bathroom time. Time to read a book, play games, pick at your teeth, fall asleep or whatever it may be. I love my private bathroom time. It’s my daily little getaway where no one can get me…

But wait… Someone often does try to come get me… I often have to barricade the bathroom door so that he can’t get in… Yes you guessed it… my Sammy! He often urgently needs to get something or do something when I’m in the bathroom.

I must admit I can sometimes do the same thing… but should I give him his private time and should I expect him to give me mine with no interruptions. I like picking at my teeth or picking at my face without him lurking behind me trying to access the mirror.

I found an interesting article about how more and more couples these days like to share bathroom time together because it’s the place for them to catch up or unwind while both getting ready. There are also other articles that talk about how people think having separate bathrooms has helped save their marriage. I think that may be a bit extreme but who knows I guess some people REALLY need their privacy. I’m not that bad… I just know that sometimes (not always) I need a few minutes in there on my own. We can’t both use the mirror when he is trying to shave and I am trying to put makeup on or blow-dry my hair.. I guess a bigger bathroom with a -his and -hers mirror could solve this issue or we could just learn to share.

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